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By Jørn Stjerneklar

Facebook has some robots to check the content of what you post on your fb-wall. Those robots seems to be biased since they have allowed Mayday Press to publish naked black women, but as soon as a white lady hit the our wall, it was removed. Here' the original post written on Facebook. See the previous blogs about this subject to judge for yourselves.



Hvid pibe copy

Mayday Press has a lot of old photographs from Congo. Strangely enough many of them have naked people somewhere in the frame. This picture is no exception. The white man is from Denmark.
Unknown to most people Scandinavians played a huge and very important part in the colonisation of what became The Free State Congo, État indépendant du Congo.
It was owned by King Leopold the Second of Belgium. Literally owned by him as a personal business venture. It's the darkest chapter in the dark book about white supremacy in Africa. During Leopolds time as CEO half the population lost their lives due to what Stanley Kubrick later called ultra violence.

Also disease and the very extreme measures used to punish people, cutting off their hands if they did not collect enough rubber for the King, played a huge factor.
The Scandinavians, particularly Danes and Swedes, were a crucial part of the whole business concept. Leopold did not want to use employees from competitors on the continent. Denmark and Sweden had no colonies at that time, the Germans, British, French, the Dutch, Portugese, Spaniards could not work for him. Guess why

On top of that Danes are born sailors as are the Swedes. Leopold needed seamen to navigate the 20.000 kilometers of rivers that Congo has.
Leopold also managed to recruit plenty of dismayed officers from the Danish army who lost a big chunk of Denmark in the war with the Germany in 1864. Suddenly they could get a very well paid job in Africa. Some of them were in charge of areas the size of Denmark. Small kings from a small country in the big, dark Africa.

And we could continue...

What a story.

Mayday Press has a lot of stories and historic photos in our library.

PS If you have not read 'The Heart of Darkness' yet. Do it! Written by Joseph Conrad who worked on the river. He was Polish, by the way.





Skærmbillede 2016-09-10 kl. 17.23.09

History. We need to have our history in order. We need to be able to see and read about how things were. Long time ago and not so long time ago. We cannot have self acclaimed editors to edit out the more unpleasant parts of our common history.

Or the nude parts.

Facebook founder/owner Mark Zuckerberg has a huge and important task to use his immense powers in the right way.
Maybe he is to young to handle the pressure?

We will continue our series of photographs from the Mayday Press library. The naked truth served in black and white and sometimes in colour.
The two (very, very) young girls having a good time is from 1979. They are drinking beer, they are for sure not 21, which is the age limitation in US for drinking alcohol in public places. But they don't care. They are Danish.
They are reliving moments their elder sisters had ten years before. At this time in history, '79, nakedness was just as much a rebellion as it is for young girls to own a smartphone today. It was normal to see topless women in parks, at the beach, sometimes even in the street.

This is history. We are obliged to show it like it was then. You cannot hide it away from the biggest social media in the world.
The photograph is from the biggest public park in central Copenhagen, Fælledparken. The event? Can't even remember, the girls were not alone in drinking beer that day.

Mayday Press has lots of historic pictures in the library.




It seems that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, did not attend his history classes in highschool. He is now banning people from fb for showing Nick Uts iconic photo of a naked girl burned by napalm. Because she is – surprise – naked.
So MZ sees it as his job to censor history from his media.

We at Mayday Press wonders where his limits is. Will he also ban this photograph of other victims from the same war?
These children were all affected by the American army using 'agent orange' during the Vietnam War. The horrors of this poison, dioxin, is not on show for the public. But are on display for visitors to the Peace Village Ward of Tu Do (Freedom) Obstetrics and Gynaecology Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. Formerly known as Saigon.
It's not for the faint hearted to visit this ward. The kids living there are all suffering from the chemical mixed and sold by Monsanto, yes that's right, the company who manufactures the Round Up you used in your garden this morning. This happened back in the 1960's.

Today up to four million people are still living with the 'after shock' of this company's ruthless policy of supplying the weed killer.
It's now the fourth generation which are hit by the chemicals. USA has never acknowleged their responsibility for the death and horror they sprayed from planes and choppers during the war.

Mayday Press has hundreds of high quality pictures from Vietnam in our library.



Mayday Press has thousands of photos in their library. To give some thoughts around the pictures we will publish a few of them over the next year or so. The words were originally meant to be published on out Facebook wall only, but since FB is a flimsy media, we have decided to put them on our blog space as well. This is the second one originally published September 7 2016.


Mayday Press has thousands of photos in their library. To give some thoughts around the pictures we will publish a few of them over the next year or so. The words were originally meant to be published on out Facebook wall only, but since FB is a flimsy media, we have decided to put them on our blog space as well. This is the first one originally published September 6 2016. Read More...

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