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Examples of our work

15 mar 2018

The infamous 'clitoris collector' Peter Frederiksen photographed when he got two times life in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Mayday Press covered him from before he was arrested. Our work was so popular that it was misused by more than 800 media outlets worldwide. A three part true-crime series was broadcasted in Denmark January 2018. An international version is on the market called 'The Circumsiser'. The book 'The Thatcher' will be released in Danish November 2018. The English version expected next year.

25 jun 2006


Congo River, DRC. Shot in connection with the trilology documentary series 'The Danish Congo Adventure' produced for Danish Broadcasting Corporation and aired in 2007.


17 oct 2003

From a road trip in Angola. At that time a war torn country. We worked for several different media houses. Radio for Danish Broadcasting Corporation, and many stories for newspapers, magazines and web.

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